Horse Racing Tips

Horse Racing Tips are provided by tipsters or tipping companies, usually via email, sms, telephone answering machine or even in newspapers such as tabloid and the racing post. Usually a flat month subscription fee is charged per month, therefore its important that the tipster gets a good strike rate to keep his monthly income on the rise.

Good horse racing tipping companies become well known very quickly, those that get daily tips that are successful, are quick to tell there friends. Subscriptions can cost from as little as ?20 a month up to ?1000 pounds a month, depending on the success of the tipping service, depends on what the horse racing tips company can charge,

As for the method the tipping company uses? Well each company varies, we do not sell expensive monthly tips, we provide the method! Yes it is ludicrous but I believe in giving everyone a chance at making maximum profit and you never know, you may have your own tipping service one day!